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Guardian Families

As part of our ethical breeding program we will be using a guardian program. Our guardian program allows our breeding girls and boys to have their own forever families while also playing an essential part in developing the breed. We require that families live within one to two hours of Maitland.

Female guardian dogs will return to us for two litters (about 9 weeks) while male guardians may return to us a few times a year for 1-2 weeks for a mating. 

All expenses related to breeding will be covered by us, including health testing. Usual expenses related to pet ownership is covered by families. Desexing of the dog is covered by us at the end of the contract period. Guardian dogs are sold at a reduced fee. 

Guardian families need to have a fully enclosed secure yard with fences at least 1.5m high and be open to feeding a raw diet rather than kibble. 

As a breed in development, we have some new genetics that we add to our program with different matings and we need to keep them within our program to help develop the breed. Guardianship allows dogs to have their own forever family 

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