Upcoming Litters

Waitlist Open

We have two exciting litters planned for the end of 2022. 

We expect Sunshine and Indi to have their first litters with Toby. 

Our waitlist is currently open. We do respond to emails but encourage serious applicants to complete a Right Paw application. A deposit is required to secure a puppy from a litter and any remaining puppies will be advertised via Right Paw 

Sunshine and Toby

We expect Medium to Small Standard size puppies with wavy or straight coats from Sunshine and Toby. Colours will range from  gold, caramel, cream, cafe, and raven. Some puppies may have small white markings like Toby and we may even have a parti patterned pup. 

Collage Maker-27-Jul-2022-01.45-PM.jpg

Indi and Toby

We expect Medium sized puppies from Indi and Toby with straight or wavy coats. Colours will be caramel (like Indi), cream or cafe (like Toby). Some puppies may have small white markings like Toby. 

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