Our Cobberdogs

We love our Cobberdogs so much and cannot wait to share a bit about them. Our Cobberdogs are part of our family, they spend their days with us, have regular outings for socialisation and exercise, and are fed a raw diet. We are raising our Cobberdogs the best way we know how and aim to breed intuitive and connected puppies. All our dogs are DNA tested for breed-specific inheritable diseases, Hip and Elbow tested and are breed with goals to improve the breed from one generation to the next.


Miss Sunshine
Spring Hills Graceful Sunshine

Our gorgeous Sunshine comes to us from Spring Hills. Her Mum is Spring Hills Scout and her Dad is Spring Hills Sunlit Reginald. Sunshine is a very happy, connected and affectionate girl. She presses her body up to you for a cuddle and has a calming presence over everyone. From her deep eye contact and gentle wagging tail this little soul is loved by everyone she meets. 

Size: Large Medium/Small Standard. 54cm to the shoulder and 17kgs.

Coat: Straight fleece and free from improper coat. 

Colour: Gold with a red hue, white markings on nose, neck and chest, and Black pigment (Bbee)

Miss Ruby
Spring Hills Sunlit Ruby

Ruby is our lovely red girl from Spring Hills. Ruby's Mum is Spring Hills Sunlit Isabella and her Dad is Spring Hills Graceful Walter. While we instantly fell in love with Ruby for her divine red coat and liver pigment- She is developing into such a connected cobberdog. Ruby has incredible eye contact and whenever we look at her she always seems to meet our gaze. When Ruby is playing she loves to make us laugh and plays so silly and looks back at us to see if we are watching her.

Size: Large Medium/Small Standard. 52cm to the shoulder and 16.5kg

Coat: Wavy fleece, light density and free from improper coat. 

Colour: Red with Rose Pigment (bbee)


Miss Indi
Spring Hills Starlit Indi

Our lovely Indi is daughter of Spring Hills Starlit Stella and Spring Hills Sunlit Reginald. She is a half sister to our Sunshine. Indi has a beautiful warm, confident and connected temperament. She is a little shadow and always by her humans side. She is bright, calm and quiet. Aside from being quietly playful we don’t even feel like we have a puppy in the house with Indi! Indi lives with Alana’s parents as a guardian family where she is in training to be a therapy dog. Indi will have her first litter in late 2022. 

Size: Large Medium/Small Standard. 51cm to the shoulder and 17kg.  

Coat: Straight fleece, light density and free from improper coat. 

Colour: Caramel with white markings on chest and Rose pigment (bbee)

Mister Toblerone
Wallaby Way Toblerone

Handsome Toblerone (Toby) joined us recently from Wallaby Way Australian Cobberdogs. His mother is Rutlands Galaxy and his father is Rutlands lil Zephyr. Toby has an incredibly calm and confident nature. He is the perfect addition to our breeding program and we can't wait to hopefully welcome some puppies from him in 2022. 

Size: Medium 

Coat: Wavy fleece, light density and free from improper coat. 

Colour: Cafe with white markings on his chest and paws. (Genetically bbEe)