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What is an Australian Cobberdog?

Pure Breed in development

Australian Cobberdogs were recognised by the Master Dog Breeding Association (MDBA) in 2012 as a pure breed in development. Australian Cobberdogs are known for their intuitive personalities, incredible eye contact, low shedding coats, social and joyful personalities and a strong desire to be close to their humans.


Cobberdogs officially come in 3 sizes. But as the breed is being developed, dogs of different sizes are used together and you see small mediums and small standard Cobberdogs. Weights within the range vary. Please refer to the weights of our breeding dogs for an understanding of the likely size of dogs. Our dogs have Standards to Miniature sizes in their pedigree and size can sometimes be a little unpredictable.


33cm to 42cm


42cm to 51 cm


51cm to 61cm


DNA Testing

Our dogs are tested with Orivet using specific full breed profiles. This ensures that our dogs are tested for diseases that are of a risk to their breed. Our dogs are tested for 32 breed specific diseases. Sometimes in our breeding program, we will use dogs that are carriers for a recessive genetic condition. These dogs are only paired with other dogs that do not carrier that condition and therefore ensures that no puppy we breed with have the conditions we test for. Though given that some puppies may be carriers for something it is important that puppies that are sold as pets and not for breeding are desexed to ensure the health of future cobberdogs. 

We use DNA testing for the health of our dogs but also for their coat type. Four types of tests are used to test our cobberdogs coat types.



Coat Types

There are 4 coat types. Two coat: straight fleece and wavy fleece are accepted as part of the breed standard. Flat coats and Curly coats are not desirable to the breed standard but they are still beautiful

Straight Fleece

Sunshine & Indi have straight coats

A straight coat falls in gentle waves. The coat can look very similar to a wavy coat but is different genetically. The coat can be kept long with regular brushing or clipped short

Wavy Fleece

Ruby has a wavy coat

A wavy coat falls in waves and can often have more of a curl to the coat than straight coats. The coat can be kept long with regular brushing or clipped short.

Curly Fleece

Curly coats have a tighter curl than wavy and often the easiest way to maintain the coat is to keep the short relatively short (about an inch long). This coat is often recommended as best for those with allergies but we recommend to do a coat test to ensure you are suited if allergies are a concern. 

Flat Coat

Cobberdogs with Flat Coats  have a coat that similarly resembles a golden retriever. This coat will shed but does not require grooming like a full fleece coat. 



Cobberdogs come in a range of colours. 

These colours can include: 

Raven, Black, Chocolate, Cafe, Gold, Apricot, Red, Blonde, Cream and White. Parti and Merle are also seen. 

The pigment of Cobberdogs noses, gums and around their eyes is usually either Black or Rose (Liver).



Caring for your Cobberdogs coat

Whether you decide to groom your Cobberdog yourself or visit a professional groomer for grooming it is important to provide your Cobberdog with regular grooming at home. 
Using a comb or slicker brush 1 to 2 times a week will help to keep your Cobberdog knot free. Pay attention at the elbows, the base of their tail and down their legs, around their ears, neck and muzzle and their tummies! Regular brushing will build the bond between you and your Cobberdog and allow your Coobberdog to be comfortable and enjoy grooming. Grooming will be a regular part of your Cobberdogs life. Start young with brushing, using a hair dryer and nail clipping for the greatest successes for your puppy.

In your puppy packs will be a guide to a cobberdog clip. A cobberdog clip usually has a shorter neck, back and underside, leaving a skirt that blends with the clipped back and longer hair on the legs. It gives a lovely overall look of a long coat but with less maintenance and a clip that highlights the stunning cobberdog structure and frame. 


Want to know more? 

A group of breeders have been working collaboratively to build a space with more information for everyone, about Australian Cobberdogs. Click the link to read further. 

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